ext2hide - an ext2 superblock file stashing tool
ext2hide allows users and administrators to utilize the reserved space of the ext2/3 superblocks to store hidden data on their filesystems, rendering it inaccessible to any normal viewing, yet still residing in permanent storage on disk.

Current Version is: 1.0.0rc1

I am still actively seeking Beta Testers for this project before releasing the final 1.0.0 version, and moving on to the kernel modular version. If you would like to assist, please read the TESTING file in the source archive.

You can always find the latest release here (bzip2) or here (gzip).

The Sourceforge Project Page for ext2hide.

Documentation for ext2hide can be found here.

Tell me about bugs (with a thorough description, please) here, or via email.

ext2hide has been reviewed in Linux.com's June 12, 2006 CLI Magic column by Joe Barr, here.


The E2fsprogs Project
(everyone please thank Theodore T'so. He is the sole maintainer of e2fs, and why it continues to work as well as it does.)
Design and Implementation of the Second Extended Filesystem
Ext2fs Library Function Reference
The Wikipedia Entry for Ext2
Thanks, -Jason